#BlackOwned Garners Garden

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of the #BlackOwnedBusiness movement. One of the first purchases on my #BuyBlack journey was the all natural tooth powder and mouthwash from Garners Garden. I must admit, I was initially skeptical. There’s always reason for concern when approaching something new. Tooth powder vs the usual toothpaste was... Continue Reading →

My problem with “The Voice”

I watched “The Voice” for the first time and I’m not a fan. At all. It is, as I suspected, just like every other mainstream singing competition; filled with white contestants who have studied Black vocal greats and emulated their styles. I am SO not a fan!  In the 2 episodes I watched, 25% or... Continue Reading →

So, slavery was a “choice”

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye... Where do I begin? He was once heralded among raps greatest lyricists. He came on the scene in the early 90’s and his debut studio album was released in 2004 with critical acclaim. He was QUICKLY hailed as a powerful and conscious artist with lyrics to back it. He went from: “I say... Continue Reading →

This thing called LIFE…

I often sit and wonder what this life really means. How do we know we’re living up to our full potential? How do we ensure we’re becoming the right person? Doing the right thing? And what does “right” really mean? How do we make sense of what to do with this limited amount of time... Continue Reading →

Cultural Appropriation

Bruno Mars - Cultural Appropriator? I recently came across a YouTube video where writer and activist, Seren Sensei, gives her opinion about Bruno Mars. It is clear that she strongly feels Bruno Mars is a cultural appropriator. She confidently stated that Mars “is not black, at all, and he plays up his racial ambiguity to... Continue Reading →

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