#BuyBlack Fleeting trend or LASTING movement?

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I am committed to promoting and supporting my people, without a doubt. Needless to say, when the #buyblack movement began, I felt excitement. The thought of having even 50% of the items I use daily be purchased from a Black owned business is a dream!

As ecstatic as I was about replacing items in my home, I couldn’t help but wonder how long this “idea” would last? Far too often, we, the Black community, have jumped on bandwagons and fallen off when the popularity diminishes. White owned brands have shown us countless times how little they are concerned about us but how serious are we about shifting our support and, most importantly, our dollars to a community who will, in return, produce products that are formulated for us? 

Another problem I had was the customer service factor where Black owned businesses are concerned. We, Black people, can easily create new things. We have been innovators and inventors since the beginning of time so creativity is naturally within us. But, we can’t deny or neglect the fact that a major key to KEEPING a business is stellar customer service. I’ve ordered items and, although the product was exceptional, the packaging and customer service was far beneath the quality of the product. Larger, white owned brand have the funding to invest in building a customer service team and we must find innovative ways to incorporate EVEN BETTER customer service.

It’s certainly my hope that this isn’t only a trend. With the creation of e-commerce sites, we can easily find Black owned products and in the age of reviews and social commentary, it’s even easier to find the “tea” on the quality of those products and companies customer service practices.  

So, is #BuyBlack a LASTING movement of just a fleeting trend? Let me know your thoughts below! Are you buying Black? Have you had any bad customer service experiences with #BlackOwned brands?

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