Why are we so judgmental?

Happy Saturday, friends! I had a conversation recently that sparked many thoughts and ideas I felt it necessary to share. I’m all about inspiring others to think and consider their thoughts and actions.

One of my coworkers was browsing Facebook and came across the profile of an old classmate. She began telling me how much of a “hoe” she was in school. Many more choice words and demeaning phrases were used that I’d rather not repeat but, needless to say, none were compliments. She then, in a condescending tone, mentioned that the classmate is now married with kids and teaches Bible classes. She immediately ranted about how she “can’t believe she is teaching kids the Bible and married to somebody”.

Life lessons

Far too often we jump to such a negative, judgmental place instead of feeling good about a persons change and progression. This same coworker despises her husband and often talks about how annoyed she is with him yet, because her public image is one of a “happy family” and her past is “clean”, she feels she is better and above her classmate.

How often have we all done this very same thing? Have many times have you judged a person and not once looked at your own situation? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about your experiences and opinions! Let’s have a conversation…

2 thoughts on “Why are we so judgmental?

  1. This is very rich and accurate. Sad is the life that has time to scroll down social media and criticize and demean people. As long as they can hide their past they are fine. I have found that for people like your coworker, it’s easy to uncover others as it keeps the light off of their raggedy life.

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