2 lessons I learned from “Heroes & Gods”

I am a big fan of REAL singers. Not the “can barley hold a tune outside of the studio” pop music stars of today but real singers. The ones who often go undiscovered or have minimal mainstream success compared to other popular artists. Rahsaan Patterson is one of those singers for me. His voice is the perfect mix of old school classics yet his sound is still very signature and relevant. His latest album, Heroes & Gods, was nothing short of stellar and reflecting on it (and his prior work) taught me 2 very important lessons about my own life.

  1. Find your place and stick to it

After downloading Heroes & Gods, I decided to go back and listen to some of Rahsaans older music. I’ve always known and regarded him as an exceptional singer but, I must admit, I haven’t purchased all of his music. Spending time listening to him, I immediately realized how true he has remained to his sound. Of all the songs I listened to, I never questioned if it was him. This made me examine my own life. Too often, I’ve found myself changing positions or directions because of what I saw others doing instead of staying true to what I know I love and enjoy. His work reminds me to never do that again.

2. Be unapologetic in your pursuit

I recently came across this post on Rahsaans Instagram account. This quote is very powerful but the statement that stood out most to me was, “I’ve just always been very clear that my path is my path”. This way of thinking is something we all need to adopt. He has definitely remained true to his path. Despite how many may have thought his sound was too “over the top”, he remained unapologetic in his pursuit. How many times have we strayed off the path or found ourselves apologizing for what we like because of what others think? Too many! 

How many of you listen to Rahsaan Patterson? Have you checked out his latest album? Can you identify with the lessons I learned? Let’s have a conversation…  

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